Traditional medicine

The traditional medicine has lasted owing to the fact that it is born out of the countless experiences of whole generations, from century to century, from millennium to millennium; it is born out of traditions; it is actual and it comes from the beginning; it is as modern now in its efficiency as it was back then. As present generation, it is our duty to keep intact this treasury called traditional medicine and – if we are not able to improve and enrich it – it is our duty to pass it in the same condition to the next generations, too.

A human being may prove that he exists if he understands that there is white and black, night and day, far and near, object or shadow at the horizon, and he can tell what all these are: reflection, colors, lights or Creation; he understands and he can make us understand what each of them are in his turn. A human being may choose to live in white or black. It is his right to do it. The difference is that in white you evolve, you work and you create, while in black you rest yourself.

The first men went without sin into the Kingdom of Heaven. The next generation went into the Kingdom of Heaven, task half-done and half-mistakes, because they hadn’t understood exactly and they hadn’t assimilated the first men’s teaching faithfully. We, people today, ignorant of tradition, we have erred insomuch that all that remains us to do is wait for the Last Judgment, with all the consequences of our mistakes.

We took the liberty to forgive, we took the liberty to judge, we took the liberty to usurp our fellows’ will, and we took the liberty to crucify, as well. After all these, we dared believe in Redemption without giving any consideration to tradition and its stored treasure.

The development processes of a human being pertaining to the human race must be approached in two ways and by two branches: psycho-somatic improvement and spiritual evolution. In the first case we shall discuss about the integrity of the human being’s psychic and body; in the latter one about the human being’s spiritual evolution, which depends on the human being’s ideal and continuous searches. In this material I describe the human path of psycho-dynamic evolution, namely the human being’s dynamics on the path of evolution and his reactions to various experiences; and the somatic improvement, as well.

The main causes triggering a person’s disorders are SADNESS and INSECURITY, which have grown into CONSTANT WORRY.

Pain and various affections are a challenge for the human being, both as individual and as science. We haven’t got any historical source that tells us how diseases appeared in the world.  We have diseases and we have treatments but we haven’t got either any scientific research or any explanation as to how the phenomenon of disease occurred in the world. In our century, the diseases with the highest mortality rate are: tuberculosis, myocardial infarction, obesity, cancers, schizophrenia and depression of various types. The last two ones existed in the past, too; they have existed since the beginning of human evolution. Most often genetic mutations are the triggering factors of various affections. The external factors causing genetic mutations are cosmic phenomena, major climatic changes and so on. The internal factor is considered to be the structure alteration of leukocytes and erythrocytes.

There are other hypotheses, too, such as: the human being has been born (and used to be) perfectly healthy and indestructible. Searching and searching, the human being found that he had a spirit; ever since then there has been an incessant war fought between soul and spirit; either they managed to become one or they would rot. In the course of time, body began to lose battle to soul.

Or: in the way they are viewed, diseases are the expression of a person’s different approaches which are born out of a person’s various conceptions, namely the pragmatic and the spiritual one. In different ages, civilizations like the Assyrians, the Mayans and the Greeks stated that the various diseases were a consequence of people’s mistakes; they were gods’ punishment for people’s shameful acts. As, from various reasons, the human being lost his independence, the gods were born. With the gods, were born the ruling factors of the human civilization, namely: FEAR, OBEDIENCE AND SLAVERY.

Thus being dominated by force, the human being lost the war and the certainty that offered him stability; the strong and independent human being no longer existed; only the human being turned into obeisant and vulnerable individual did. The above-mentioned civilizations accepted as hypothesis the idea that diseases are accidental but necessary for the human being; if the human being were not dejected and broken down, that would help him change, evolve and adapt to the environmental changes. In old times, they thought that falling ill was accident, fate and destiny at the same time and that you could prevail by your own force alone; you could recover your health with the help of nature and of its produces and change your destiny.

The human being may choose between contending with his condition and with his subduing affections or wondering where the affections have come from; why they have occurred to him of all people; how long he were to put up with the situation and whether he should put up with it at all. A disease doesn’t just happen to strike out of clear blue sky. It settles little by little by little, like an avalanche gathering the small mistakes we accumulate and never treat along time. The avalanche once settled, it is hard to undo it. However it is possible, provided that we should know how to do it. Through his own evolution, the human being who understands that the resources of eternity are to be found in nature; who knows that disease is the teacher of life for a person’s own weakness, can turn these weaknesses into a scourge against the diseases and can become a strong and developed human.

Each human being must understand and realize that health is the harmony between contraries.  The person must also know that he cannot dissociate his disease from his spiritual and emotional state. Those who treat the somatic condition alone are definitely wrong. Where the person is psychosomatically balanced, no disease will occur, because there is no breach in his defense. Therefore, the disease occurs because – from various reasons – the individual protective shield has given in. The physical disorder influences the person’s emotional state; but if the misbalance of the latter one lasts too long, the physical condition will constantly decay, leading to death eventually. It is a proven fact that – when a person lives in fear, depression, wrath and anger for a long time (whether consciously or not), and in insecurity as well, worrying too long, his body undergoes constant changes and wear, which sentence him to death. The continuous insecurity destroys the immune system slowly and therefore it is easy to understand why we are so vulnerable to all kinds of viruses and bacteria.

As regards our healing, especially in the very severe stages of various diseases, the following factors are very important: finding the way to the perfect emotional balance, our desire to get healthy, our belief in healing and our trust in those people in whose hands we have put our life for them to cure us (physician and not in the least those who surround us: family and friends). It is very interesting to know that the neuropsychological context helps the somatic (body) balance fundamentally. In other words, if stress is avoided, body and immune system will recover perfectly by themselves. The fact that the emotional state is a decisive factor in being healthy or ill was proven by the experiment with ten patients with cancer in terminal stage. Being asked what their emotional condition was before and after they fell ill, they revealed a number of disorders in their emotional state as well serious conflicts in their families. As the stressful factors were removed, in seven of the cases the patients’ condition improved and they even get healed. In the other three cases, it was proven that the patients didn’t believe either in themselves or in the success of the treatment any more. The patients believed in the allopathic medicine and they expected immediate results without having patience and trust.

The traditional medicine, whose history is as old as the planet and as nature, treats the cause, not the effect. In this case, the herbs, the various acupuncture techniques and other methods as well, take effect later, but when they do, they treat all the affections, irrespective of their gravity. In a patient’s curing process there is one more thing that must be taken into consideration apart from the psychological factors and this is whether he will be able to go on with him life without any psychological or financial threat, when he returns into society a healthy man.

If his living environment doesn’t change, too, and if he comes back to an economically precarious living environment, then his fate is sealed.

Thus be the case, the patient could be trained psychologically very well, so that he should ignore the precarious economical condition and to open himself to new horizons, values and an ideal that he would follow until he begins to evolve himself. In this rests the complexity of traditional medicine – it heals and guides a person towards life and towards a complex ideal.

One third of the affections that a human being has to bear are unavoidable. However, two thirds occur as a result of our wrong deeds and enterprises, which are nonexistent, insignificant and almost unnoticeable to the Universe, because a human being who does not evolve does not present any interest; or, if he does not present any interest it is as if he had never existed and if he had never existed what is the point of healing a null one? You let him become part of the natural cycle.

The policy in traditional medicine is that we must learn to see how much we have done ourselves so that we should not be affected by various diseases; how we think; how we respect our fellow men, the rest of the species and the nature, as well; all these in order to know what to expect for ourselves and where we stand in our relation with nature and with everything else that surrounds us. In the life of a disoriented human being, hatred and resignation before fate complete each other; consequently, depression follows, which leads to total misbalance and to the unavoidable decay and death.

Before death, the last stage of a person’s lack of evolution is the destruction of faith and love, or a person does not exist without them and that person’s fate is well deserved. It was proven that the human being who does not make any effort to evolve hates himself in the first place and next he hates everything and everyone surrounding him. Such beings commit suicide by carelessness, namely alcohol abuse, drugs, smoking, speeding, overworking and by many other things, too, because they do not hold themselves in high esteem.

In the traditional medicine it is a known fact that the persons lying in their sickbed too long are attacked by various deities of the Inferno, who rejoice over having another fallen victim which they attack until their final victory. The deities of hatred are enraged with the human beings who win their liberty of proving themselves human beings of the human species. The human being who does not know the nature; who does not use and know the herbs and their benefits is often a certain victim in the struggle with various diseases. Beside that one, there is one more category: persons who indulge themselves in their illness and, instead of fighting, they expect everyone else to do everything for them. In psycho dynamic language, this state is called mental decay and psycho emotional depression. The temperament of the affected person is very important in this case, to ensure healing or failure. A balanced person, full of life, can get healthy very quickly, but a listless and slack one only hardly will or not at all.

When treating a patient, we must approach him with maximum seriousness; in addition, diagnosing and treatment must be done accurately. If we pay enough attention, we are well trained and have the patient’s full cooperation, there is no way we can fail in traditional medicine. In traditional medicine, the physician must have upper training, because the fate of a human being is in his hands. His skill will snatch his patient out of the fire. Where the wrong man asks for funds, they will only mislead the patient and they will be wrongly invested. Therefore the physician is very important.

Sometimes, a treatment is health for one patient but poison for another; therefore it is crucial that the physician should be skilled and well trained. Obviously, the traditional medicine provides countless ways to the success of a treatment, provided that the treatment should be done properly, with love and faith. There is no human being who does not need help. This help must be accepted when needed. They say about those people who are always healthy that both God and the Devil have turned their backs on them. This means they have never existed and they never will. However, the important thing is that there is God, there is nature and there is traditional medicine. The traditional medicine is a treasure. Those people who find it will guard and treasure it in their turn. Those who don’t find it, well, diseases of all kind will find them.

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