Stroke – Cerebrovascular accident

It is a disease often mistaken for myocardial infarction, because both of them develop as a result of an obstructed or a poor blood supply.

In the case of myocardial infarction, the circulation of the blood is interrupted to the heart, and, consequently, to the other organs; in the case of the cerebrovascular accident the blood circulation is interrupted to the brain, resulting in blood coagulation or in inundation of the brain with the remaining blood. If that be the case, the cerebral tissue dies because of lack of oxygenation.

The symptoms are paralysis, blindness, speech disorders (dyslexia) and other serious dysfunctions. The patient cannot think or remember any more what it was like before the cerebrovascular accident. The cerebrovascular accident is the disease that attacks all ages. With the elderly people, the cerebrovascular accident is related to oscillating tension, increased cholesterol and sclerosed arteries. In the case of a younger person, the cerebrovascular accident develops as a result of the genetic malformations the patient has been born with.

The cerebrovascular accident may be caused by narcotics, caffeine, amphetamine or excess of ephedrine-containing medication. In its lighter forms, the cerebrovascular accident develops as a mild numbness of the face or of any other part of the body.  In its serious form, the cerebrovascular accident has he same symptoms at first, but it advances rapidly to paralysis, loss of speech and memory, difficult swallowing or death. The allopathic medicine treats this disease, but only partially.

A complete recovery is never possible. On the other hand, the traditional medicine, for which there are no secrets as far as the human body and its integrity are concerned, finds no problem in curing a patient by means of acupuncture,  hydroalcoholic extracts of medicinal herbs, a healthy alimentation and a healthy lifestyle, which will ameliorate the problem until the complete recovery.

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