Restoring metabolic balance

The treatment enhances the regeneration processes of the body, delays aging processes, detoxifies and purifies the body, strengthens immunity, creates an immune barrier around organs and in the skin, revitalizes and tonifies nervous system, bone and muscular structure; it fortifies circulatory system and improves blood circulation.

The metabolic disorders are the main cause of chronic diseases. They weaken the immune system and make it vulnerable to pathogen agents in the environment: bacterias, viruses, fungi, parasites etc. Once the pathogen agents have penetrated the body, they will trigger a number of immune reactions deteriorating the biological, psychic and emotional activity. Untreated, the metabolic and immune disorders have a major harmful impact on the organs and on the cells of the human body; they speed up the aging process and they increase the risk of cancer in the organs with the lowest immunity.

What are the Symptoms of the Metabolic Disorders?

People suffering from metabolic disorders will complain of heavy or unjustified fatigue, sleeping disorders (insomnia or restless sleep), memory disorders (especially lapsus), decreased concentration capacity, feeling of aging, decreased speed of response, cold sweats, mild variations of the arterial tension, vascular frailty, temperature variations in certain parts of the body, recurrent pains in fixed points of the body, articular rigidity, articular pains, muscular pains, allergies or intolerance to certain foods, recurrent infections, digestive disorders, migraines, cephalies, sexual disorders, nervous breakdowns, anxiety etc.

What Causes Metabolic Disorders?

Environmental pollution is the main cause of these metabolic disorders. The harmful substances in the environment are assimilated by plants and animals; therefore, involuntarily, we eat toxin-containing foods, too. The body will be overworked trying to eliminate these residues and to protect itself against the harmful action of the polluting environmental factors.

When Do Metabolic Disorders Occur?

Normally, each organ is completely regenerated within a certain period of time. For instance, the liver cells are completely replaced within 5 months, the skin cells within 2-4 weeks, those ones covering the lungs within 2-3 weeks. When the cells completing their life cycle are no longer eliminated, they settle down in certain areas of the body and in the intracellular space as well. Therefore the biochemical and energy exchanges between cells are hindered, a phenomenon that will cause local metabolic disorders which will also affect the general metabolism later.

The dead cells will settle especially along their elimination ways: circulatory system, lymphatic system, skin, kidneys, lungs, digestive tract. At first, the organ in which settle the dead cells will betray only functional disorders. Unless detoxification procedures are applied, and if the dead cell deposits grow, the affected organ will get sick; there is even risk of developing benign or malignant tumors. Taking the lungs, for instance, these deposits grow on top of them, but the gravity and the type of the pulmonary affection that will occur is also influenced by their position in the respective area and by the number of cells forming the deposit as well. When the dead cells are located in articulations, they will trigger a number of immune reactions weakening the local immunity and creating a vital environment for staphyloccoci, streptoccoci etc. The type of dead cells (pulmonary, hepatic, renal ones etc.) will determine the type of arthritis developing later: psoriasic, self-immune etc.

What Measures Must Be Taken to Restore the Metabolic Balance?

In order to maintain a perfect health in a polluted environment, or to restore the metabolic balance, the body must be purified and detoxified at least every 2 years, by specific treatment programmes lasting approximately 6 months. These treatment programmes speed up the activity of the excretory organs and of the lymphatic system in order to eliminate the toxins from the body (free radicals, dead cells, cholesterol etc.); they rebalance metabolism, strengthen immunity, fortify the circulatory system and improve blood circulation; they revitalize and tonify the bone and muscle structure, fortify and tonify the nervous system, enhance self-regeneration processes of the human body and slow down the aging process.

Once the toxins are eliminated from the body and the affected organs are regenerated, metabolism and immune system will restore their normal activity. Applying a number of Tibetan acupuncture techniques, the activity of the organs coordinating the immune functions will be stimulated: thymus, spleen, tonsils, lymphatic ganglia, bone marrow, thyroid, adrenals. Acupuncture, too, will relieve the energy obstructions existing in the system of meridians and in the energy matrix as well, so that the inter organic and metabolic balance should be restored. The medicinal herbs act upon the organs so that the blood they will produce should be enriched with oxygen and antibodies.

The purpose of all these procedures is to build a protective barrier around the organs and in the skin and to strengthen the immune system, so that the body should be able to eliminate the toxins assimilated through the consumption of pollution affected foods, and also be protected against the action of the harmful environmental agents.

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