Letter from H.Z. Marinov, one of the Three International Masters of Traditional Medicine and Templeton Prize Nominee for the years 2006 and 2007.

“Dr. Tutu Codrut’s medical skills is complemented by his vast knowledge of traditional medicine. The traditional medicine was, is and will be the fundament of allopathic medicine. The difference between this two is that the traditional medicine treats the individual as a whole, with the afferent energy disorders, and not merely one part of the body. The traditional medicine is very complex as it is a combination of several branches: the Chinese, the Tibetan, the Indian, the Egyptian, the American-Indian and the Balkan medicine. The combination of these branches and the success of this combination are solely the merit of the winners, namely of those physicians for whom the medical job has turned from a mere profession into a way of thinking.

The real success obtained by Dr. Tutu Codrut in the treatment of chronic affections considered incurable so far is due to his continuous training and specialization in the first place, but also to his medical experience gained by healing a number of extremely serious cases.

He has devoted his life and thinking to medicine and healing and this miracle is shown in his entire activity. His bioenergetic field is extremely powerful: by his mere presence he treats the affections of the persons in his proximity.

He has earned this gift through hard work and effort, out of wish to prove that the barriers of a disease can be overcome and that the human body can be healed from any affection. The study and testing developed in my research centers have materialized in an ample medical program of stopping the aging process.

The acupuncture method he employs combines the principles of Chinese, Tibetan, Indian, Egyptian, American-Indian and Balkan medicine. He combines the same principles in preparing the formulas for the herb infusions used in his treatments plans. Knowing the human mind and how important it is in the onset of a disease, he supplements his acupuncture sessions by medical psychological counseling sessions in order to strengthen the patients’ belief in the human body’s recovery capacity.

This approach has brought him many successes in the fight against serious chronic affections and in a number of cases that hardly showed any chances of recovery or healing, firstly because his treatments act not only upon the physical causes that have generated the disease but also upon those of mental and emotional nature.

His medical career is in continuous ascension and his actions will reveal in the future, too, more of the abilities and the powers he has been endowed with. I appreciate the effort he makes in developing efficient treatments and I am absolutely certain that his medical objectives will be attained with the same professionalism and devotion as always.”

H.Z. Marinov

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