Pregnancy disfunction

Getting pregnant and giving birth is a source of happiness and vitality, but, at the same time, physical problems may arise, too.

The hormonal level rises during the first three months of pregnancy, which makes the chlorhydric acid decrease in the stomach. This fact may cause weakening in the function of the muscles that carry the food to the digestive apparatus and worsening of the digestion. This causes nausea and vomiting. In order to annihilate this problem, the pregnant woman must have an active rest; eat small and easily digestible food portions, taking into account that vomiting occur on an empty stomach.

She must always have a packet of biscuits on the night table by her bed and she must eat one before leaving the bed.

The food rich in proteins helps a lot. In order to go through this period without any problem, the pregnant woman must take extracts of medicinal herbs containing the vitamins B6, K, C and others. The rise of the hormonal level causes constipation. In order to avoid this, she must drink much liquid. Also, the traditional medicine specialist must add a greater number of herbs to the hydroalcoholic extract, herbs out of which the body can extract cellulose.

During pregnancy, the woman may experience a number of conditions, such as diarrhea, gas, hypoglycemia, breast sensitivity, fatigue and gastric acidity. In order to avoid all these, she must go to the traditional medicine specialist who will try – by a treatment of acupuncture and hydroalcoholic extracts – to strengthen her immune system and immune defense and that of her fetus as well.

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