Osteopathic Medicine

Bones, ligaments, muscles and organs have a well-defined place in the body. Upon the action of certain factors, they may move from their initial position, affecting a person’s general health condition. Maintaining a wrong position of the body, the action of stress, obesity or a physical effort wrongly done, can cause the bones to move from their normal position.

A minor displacement, even by a millimeter, affects the functions of the entire body. In the proximity of the bones are nerves, vessels, ligaments and muscles. By changing the normal position of the bones, a pressure will be exerted upon the neighboring structures, leading to inflammation, local pain or motor dysfunctions of the organs.

For instance, in case of displacement of T8 vertebra, a pressure may be exerted upon the spinal nerve innervating the stomach, which causes symptoms similar to ulcer. By orthopedic massage treatment, the optimum position of the vertebra is restored, thus eliminating both cause and effect.

Another common affection for the spinal column is spondylitis. By combined or separate use of orthopedic massage, acupuncture and reflexology the osteophytes are reabsorbed, the blood circulation and the local metabolism are restored. This will lead to elimination of the toxins deposited in the affected area and of the symptomatology.

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