The legs and the soles are component parts of the body that allow and ensure a person’s movement. At present, leg and sole-related problems affect a lot of individuals yearly .

There are instances, it is true, in which the pain goes away by itself, but there are cases in which the legs and the soles are affected so badly that it comes to peripheral  neuropathy. The disease is characterized by inflammation, stinging, throbbing and itching in the legs and the soles.

This situation is triggered when the nervous centres of the motor functions have been affected. The dysfunction of these nerves is caused by metabolic anomalies, such as diabetes or other  diseases.
The diabetics are predisposed to neuropathies that are often connected with the incapacity of the legs and the soles to join in the movement process.

In this case, tissues tend to tear, leaving the external parts of the legs and soles exposed to injuries. In the case of diabetics, it often becomes necessary to amputate the legs. In order to avoid it, it is absolutely necessary to find an efficient treatment.

Other metabolic dysfunctions responsible for the peripheral neuropathy are the reduced functions or the increased activity of the thyroid. The patients with renal, liver diseases; A, B and C hepatites, are likely to develop mild forms of this disease. Nerve lesions are the result of various  traumas, inclusively a hit in the leg. Peripheral neuropathy may also be triggered by the aggressive action of the toxic substances upon the body (pesticides, antidepressives, chemotherapy and many others).

Predisposed to this form of neuropathy, although not currently suffering from any particular disease, are the athletes, too. They frequently injure their legs and soles. There are many individuals who develop this disease, because they use inappropriate footwear. In their  case, the tissue grows thicker and develops various growths, such as calluses and other of the kind, which consequently become triggering factors of the disease.

By means of creams, herbal hydroalcoholic extracts containing the vitamins A, C, D, E, beside other things,  and acupuncture techniques as well, the traditional medicine treats this disease successfully .

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