It is considered the end of a woman’s reproductive life. In most of the cases, it occurs between the ages of 45-50 years, but, in a smaller percentage, this stage, named menopause, occurs between the ages of 40-60 years. The menopause may be triggered earlier, because of various surgical interventions upon the uterus, ovaries or because of other sorts of diseases.

The menopause settles where the ovarian secretion has diminished and where there is less estrogen hormone in the body. Menopause is not an inconspicuous event, but a process that lasts several years, and, in exceptional cases, it may even extend over 10 to 20 years.

Although, as a condition, menopause is known by all the women in the world, the representatives of the Asian culture have a mentality prepared to adjust easier to the hormonal changes taking place in their body. Asian women are better prepared to accept the ageing process as a normal change, as a normal transition to another stage. Asian women associate ageing with respect and wisdom, but, even so, they don’t identify themselves with this age.

In the other parts of the globe, women are afraid of old age. This fear gives birth to unwanted symptoms, such as continuous pain or depression. Menopause is a period of transition, one that women should approach very seriously, considering a change in their mentality and attitude.

At this time, women should go to the traditional medicine practitioner, and ask for an herbal remedy rich in phytoestrogens and phytoesterols. Normally, the menopausal process is the change of the menstrual cycle. The following are present: short duration, even lack of the cycle or the scant bleeding. Some of the women experience abundant, irregular bleeding, during the change at the beginning of the menopause. Other changes would be the skin dryness, nervousness, nocturnal perspiration, various infections, slight emotional lability, fatigue and irregular sleeping hours. Another percentage of women go through this period without displaying symptoms such as the mentioned ones.

The poor estrogen production is visible in the female body. Menopause is also characterized by the women’s diminished libido. Actually, a small percentage of the female gender loses the sexual desire, but this is a curable condition. Most women experience a higher physical attraction, because all the risk of getting pregnant is gone. Another symptom of menopause is the idea that life will not be as pleasant as it used to be before menopause. A lot of women are afraid that, because of menopause, there will be certain body changes and a number of physiological problems will start to appear. This is not a justified fear and it has been proven that women over the age of 50 are not threatened by clinical depression. As estrogen, serotonin and endorphins are in smaller amount in the body, women may undergo behavior changes, but this condition may be successfully treated by means of acupuncture, hydroalcoholic extracts of medicinal herbs, a healthy alimentation and a healthy lifestyle.

The traditional medicine practitioner must assess each patient’s condition very carefully. When preparing the herbal mixture, he will try to counterbalance the surplus of insulin secreted and left in the woman’s body as a consequence of menopause, in order to remedy this situation. The herbal mixture must necessarily contain the herb called VITEX, which acts upon hypophysis and hypothalamus. Also the herbs named CAPCARILA, ALFALFA, DOKUAI and others must be part of the composition.

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