Although a very little known affection, endometriosis is one of the most common health problems in women. Endometriosis is one of the main causes of female infertility. Worldwide, about 70 million women and female teenagers suffer from this affection. Statistically, the cases of endometriosis are more numerous than breast cancer or AIDS.

Endometriosis is one of the enigmas of allopathic medicine, being considered an incurable disease. From these reasons, an allopathic cure has not been discovered yet. Generally, doctors prescribe painkillers to reduce the pains caused by the affection and hormonal treatments to regulate menstruation.

However, traditional medicine provides a treatment whose efficiency is proven by the female patients we have been successfully treated in our clinic.

Most women see some of the affection’s symptoms as normal ones, mostly because of their lack of knowledge about this disease or about female health in general.

In addition, endometriosis is also a disease difficult to detect because of its onset without pain or with feeble symptoms. In its early stage, the symptomatology may be mistaken for the one of cystitis, of annexitis or of colitis.

Its progress is slow. However, if you know your body and you mind the changes taking place in it, you may realize when you need to go to a doctor.

Endometriosis is a chronic gynecological affection of benign nature, but its manifestations and some of its characteristics are similar to the malignant affections. It is defined by the migration of the endometrial tissue outside the uterine cavity. The endometrium is the tissue which “lines” the uterus and which is eliminated with every menstruation unless the ovule is fecundated.

In endometriosis, the endometrial tissue may appear in the structures or near the feminine genital system: ovaries, uterosacral ligaments, pelvic peritoneum, urinary bladder, rectovaginal septum, colon and small intestine. In the later stages, its location may be completely unpredictable: diaphragm, skin, lungs, myocardial tissue and central nervous system.


From the point of view of traditional medicine, endometriosis is an affection generated by one or several of the following causes:

  • An unstable sexual life
  • Untreated or inappropriately treated venereal diseases
  • Untreated or inappropriately treated feminine genital affections

Occurrence Mechanism

The presence of bacteria and viruses with a genital point of origin generates immune and neuroendocrine disorders in the body that lead to the onset of endometriosis.

First of all the mucous membrane of the uterus is affected, then the structure of the uterus is also damaged. The uterine wall’s function of a protective barrier is affected. The endometrial tissue goes through the uterus and “migrates” to various areas of the body. The immune system detects its presence outside the uterine cavity; it identifies it as an invasive foreign body and it reacts as such, trying to “remove” the foreign body.

The second dimension of the process is the uterus being “assaulted” by the immune system. As the endometrial cells go through the uterine wall, they “drag” along the cells in the structure of the wall and carry them through the body. The immune system senses the abnormal presence of the tissue in the uterine wall, it sees it as a foreign body and therefore it starts attacking its point of origin: the uterus.


If you show the following symptoms, I advise you to go to the doctor as soon as you can, in order to ascertain their cause:

  • Frequent and inexplicable pains in the abdominal area (intense pains of very short duration, which feel like very painful pangs)
  • Very intense premenstrual pains
  • Heavy menstruation
  • Strong menstrual cramps
  • Pelvic pain between menstruation
  • Vaginal bleeding between menstruation
  • Pains after sexual intercourse
  • Intestinal pains
  • Pains in the lower area of the back
  • Feet aches
  • Distension
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Defecation and/or painful flatulence
  • Infertility

In certain cases may also occur haemoptysis (coughing up of blood due to airways hemorrhage), cardiac arrhythmias or epileptic seizures (due to settling of the endometrial tissue the central nervous system).

Impact on the Affected Women’s Life

The effects of endometriosis influence every aspect of a woman’s life. Physically, both the structure and the functions of the genital apparatus change. Therefore in most cases infertility settles in, too. The lesions caused by this affection generate structural changes in their settlement areas.

Both the pains and the infertility for the women who want to have children generate a very acute psychical tension which is enhanced by the body’s fight with the affection itself. The women suffering from endometriosis go through times of stress, anxiety and depression. Most times they are very petulant; communication and social interaction problems occur which lead to a poor integration in society. Their intellectual performance decreases and therefore problems may occur in their professional activity.


First of all, the neuroendocrine and therefore the immune system are balanced trough acupuncture andapiphytotherapy treatment. Then we move on to the stage of structure and function restoration of the organs invaded by endometrial tissue.

For this procedure to be efficient, the acupuncture specialist must know very well the evolution mechanisms of the disease. Thus he will be able to act directly upon the cerebral area responsible with the neuroendocrine and immune systems control.

The brain transfers to the performing organs the information received by acupuncture needles stimulation as well as that received by the action of the active substances in the herbs used. To completely cure endometriosis the patient must follow with responsibility a long term treatment.

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