Codrut Tutu MD

Codrut Tutu MD – Acupuncture, Apiphytotherapy, Oncology and Medical Psychology Specialist

Doctor Codrut Tutu practices traditional medicine at Pirasan Center of Traditional Medicine. He has dedicated his life to people, convinced that he can help them recover from the most severe afflictions.

He employs special techniques in his treatments, integrating knowledge from several systems of traditional medicine: Chinese, Tibetan, Egyptian, Amerindian, Indian and Balcanic. Under his care many patients have recovered from various types of cancer, benign tumors, endometriosis, pituitary adenoma, reumathoid arthrosis, infertility, sexual dynamics disorders, lumbar discopathy or disk hernia, vitiligo etc.

Dr. Codrut Tutu doesn’t take credit for the success of his treatments. He is aware that only Divinity, through nature, heals the body, the mind and the soul. The physician is merely that person who has acquired all the necessary knowledge and skills to help his fellows achieve mental and physical harmony.

„Nature is our natural environment; we have been raised and educated in a society that estranged itself from nature, from the equilibrium that our ancestors had by being in harmony with the terrestrial and the universal energies. The therapeutic systems from Oriental cultures are aware of these beliefs; they integrated them in their medical methods and they apply them in treating human diseases. In the last two centuries, the academic and scientific worlds of Europe and North-America have proven by elaborated researches and clinical trials that traditional therapeutic systems are real.

For example, following the Chinese example, the USA medical system introduced traditional practices in hospitals: the patients hospitalized in the respective facilities are treated by traditional and allopathic procedures. The techniques they use to stimulate the energy acupoints are sometimes technologized. Traditional practitioners and physicians use special equipments such as electropuncture devices, but acupuncture is more efficient when practiced as it has been described in the Tibetan and the Chinese treatises of traditional medicine. In order to achieve the desired therapeutic effects, these treatises advise that acupuncture should be done with acupuncture needles of various shapes and sizes, manufactured from several metals. The acupuncture treatment must be completed and backed up by herbal medicine. Unless herbal medicine is used, the energy balance of the body is only temporary and the treated affections may relapse. Herbal medicine acts upon cells, tissues and organs in order to detoxify and purify the body, to release and cleanse the excretory system and to improve metabolism, blood and lymph flow, immunity, brain activity and the body’s resistance to stress, pollution, solar radiation etc.

In order to understand why affections may relapse unless herbal medicine is used, one must understand how the human body and existence are viewed in the traditional medicine. We are not only bodies or anatomic structures. All creations have an energy and material structure. The human body receives and produces energy. It has an energy structure, or energy skeleton, which is described in the treatises of traditional medicine. This structure communicates with the chakra system (energy macro-centers) and with the aura of the body. When these elements are balanced or in harmony, the organic structures function properly and the body is healthy. To achieve this balance, after an affliction, the therapist acts upon the energy meridians by acupuncture techniques and upon the cells, tissues and organs by herbal formulas. At the same time, the patient must be involved in the treatment; he must understand that he can be healed with his participation and that he must make changes in his mentality, life style and diet.”

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