Candida is a disease caused by the presence and the growth of the fungus named CANDIDA ALBICANS in  the body. Candida may spread to the skin, mouth, genital organs and stomach. From there, it may destroy any organ. It must be emphasized that the presence of this fungus is beneficent for the body, because it helps balance the metabolism. As its growth has exceeded the  normal limits, the toxin secretion increases in the body, as well, and  immune disorders occur. If this cycle has taken place once, it will become a constant phenomenon. The wider spread the fungus is in the body, the more deficient the immune system.

Blameworthy for the activation of candida fungus are the  antibiotics in the highest degree. Antibiotics fight bacterias but they also destroy the beneficent ones in the body. Candida’s growth in the body is betrayed by fatigue, nervousness, fear, depression, episodes of memory loss, muscular and osseous pains etc. The airways are affected, too. Candida-infected persons cough and catch cold frequently; they often have pharyngitis and laryngitis. Candida-affected skin displays eczemas, pruritus (itching), acne, an various infections. In the genital area it is betrayed by pruritus and white-coloured discharges.

In  the traditional medicine , the treatment for candida implies detoxification of the body; treatment and regeneration of the affected tissues by means of appropriate herbal extracts, adapted to the respective stage of the infection, by adopting a diet, and by renewing the body’s energy by acupuncture procedures.

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