Arthritis is another disease affecting most of the population on Earth. The respective predisposition is triggered by climatic conditions. Over 100-150 million persons are suffering from various forms of arthritis, the most common of which is osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

Osteoarthritis occurs where the cartilages have been worn.  The first tissue that is destroyed as a result of physical trauma is the ligament which serves as a buffer between bones. Osteoarthritic inflammation may occur in any of the 68 joints of the human body. There is a higher incidence in women between 20 and 50 years of age. Osteoarthritis affects men, too, but in a lower percentage.

Osteoarthritis develops strong pains. In particular situations, the onset may be insidious, without obvious manifestations that will alarm the patient. In its severe forms, rheumatoid arthritis develops irreversibly. A specific aspect of the clinical picture of osteoarthritis is gingivitis, because the symptoms of osteoarthritis include gum deterioration, too.

Podagre or gout is a specific form of arthritis affecting especially male individuals; it develops complex pain attacks accompanied by feverish episodes and continuous parestesias. The bones change their structure unless the proper treatments are applied.  Another form of rheumatoid arthritis is psoriatic arthritis. It develops especially in hands and feet. In children, arthritis causes bone deformations. Ankylosing spondylitis is a form of arthritis located in the area of the backbone.  It is characterized by pains and limited movement of the backbone, rigidity.

In its various manifestations, arthritis may also be triggered by allergic reactions to environment or foods. For instance, severe allergies to pesticides and colouring agents will trigger various forms of arthritis.
Allopathic medicine views arthritis as an incurable disease. The allopatic medication in use ameliorates the symptoms. The treatment is aided by rest, medical gymnastics and warm dressings. In the severe cases of arthritis, they perform surgery.

In the traditional medicine, treatment of all forms of arthritis is noninvasive; by ameliorating the symptoms, it helps the patient go through the stages of the disease; it also heals by treating the causes. The mixtures of administered herbs must contain ALFAALFA, an herb rich in chlorophyl that purifies blood and alleviates osseous pains. For the cure of arthritis, they use HELATIOTHERAPY, the method of treatment by means of which the bio active substances in the herbs are directed to the areas which the physician wishes to treat. The respective substances extract the excess of metals from the sick areas and eliminate it.  For the treatment of rheumatic and osteoporotic diseases, the traditional practice recommends acupuncture to balance the energies as well as sports, massage and ozone therapy; remineralisation and revitalisation of the body by medicinal herb extracts.

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