The human being is healthy only during the intrauterine life. Upon the baby’s first breath, the cells of the body start to die. The human body has the ability to purify itself of the residue left by the death of the cells until the age of 17. After this age the human being loses this ability. The residues accumulated in the body deposit on the internal organs as fats or as calcifications. When the internal organs are full of these fatty residues, the body starts to gain pounds and in time obesity occurs. For people who maintain a relatively normal weight during their lifetime, the residues are deposited as calcifications causing the healthy tissue to become fibrous and producing the sclerosis of the internal organs and of the entire body.

The diseases are a result of our life style and of the stress this puts on the human body every day. Under this pressure, the organ most affected by the residue deposits will collapse by falling ill. Thus, the direct connection between the brain and the sick organ is broken. The sick organ starts working chaotically, as its activity is no longer coordinated by the brain properly.

Considering the fact that the health of an organ depends on the health and normal activity of another, the entire human body becomes ill after one organ falls ill. This chain reaction is started when the first organ gets sick and at first will produce metabolic imbalances. In time, the other organs will get ill, as the connection between the brain and the organs is interrupted.

The traditional medicine that I practice balances the body’s activities and it’s functions so that the process of purification is restored and the residues accumulated in the body can be eliminated. At the same time, the connection between the brain and organs is restored and they will able to resume their functions at optimal levels. When the treatment is finished the cellular structure of the internal organs is completely renewed.

The results of this treatment are influenced on the gravity and stage of the body’s affections and imbalances.

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